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Benjamin J. Gunn

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From the time he was a young boy, Benjamin Gunn dreamed of traveling west to see the great Pacific Ocean. When he turned 21, he set off to follow his dream, taking the train to Los Angeles. His poem, "The Mighty Ocean" describes his impressions of the city and his first sight of the mighty Pacific Ocean. When he returned home to Kansas, he set a goal of visiting every county in every state in the entire United States. He documented his journey and finally realized his goal shortly before his death in 1939. Even though he spent much of his time roaming around the country, he also managed to keep the newspaper going in Arcadia with the help of his brother, Charles, and later his sons.

Ben Gunn was a poet and loved to write in rhyming verse. He wrote biographies of Washington and Lincoln all in rhyming verse. He also published a book called, "The Son of a Gunn" in 1891 which included some of his travel journals, poetry and speeches. It was in this book that I found the inspiration for the songs that became my first CD "The Journey." ~ }{olly



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